Facility Management Consultancy

YOUinIT offers its know-how to its clients with the aim of supporting the activities dedicated to the management of the property owned by a company.

All services provided by third party companies to our clients must be carried out in accordance with levels set by the Service Level Agreement (SLA), reported in contractual form and through a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) model. 

The company in charge of managing the facility undertakes to guarantee the client the achievement of the objectives against which it is measured and to ensure the control of compliance with service levels, both by monitoring activities through the management IT system and by carrying out random inspections of the interventions carried out.

YOUinIT offers support to all investors in the market, offering services of:

  • Implementation of advanced maintenance contracts for third party companies;
  • Production of energy diagnostics in order to establish where to operate in order to reduce consumption and increase savings;
  • Creation of detailed maintenance plans, including extraordinary maintenance, costs, and timing to be followed to ensure optimal operation of the plants themselves;
  • Assessment of energy efficiency on the building;
  • Calculation of the break-even time for efficiency;
  • Design, adaptation and control services of the installations serving the building;
  • Development and drafting of ad hoc technical contracts for the management of the ordinary maintenance of a building

Real Estate Certifications

We assist the client in obtaining different types of certifications for the building, aimed at affirming the environmental assessment it has in the context in which it is located. In particular, we focus on 4 different classes of certifications.

The first to be considered is an energy certification that deals with obtaining a mandatory document with which the energy consumption of a building unit is estimated: this document is the EPC ( Energy Performance Certificate). Differently from previous certifications, this is mandatory when you want to sell, buy, rent or renovate a building.

The remaining 3 certifications are also closely linked to the concept of sustainability and therefore f focussed on parameters such as, above all, consumption. The following certifications are not mandatory and are obtained when the client wants to increase the energy rating of their property. The certifications in question are issued by organizations on the international scene and are as follows:

Acoustic Design

YOUinIT offers consultancy services in the acoustic environment and building acoustics in order to provide its clients with the technical expertise necessary to draw up practices required by the regulations. 

In particular, the following services are offered

Surveys and monitoring
  • Measurement campaigns: continuous phonometric measurements with sampling technique
  • Noise monitoring from transport infrastructure: roads, railways, airports
  • Verification of emission and input levels of sources with legal noise limits
  • On-site testing of passive acoustic requirements for buildings (soundproofing of facade and partition walls, insulation against footfall noise, assessment of the noise level of installations)
  • Determination of the acoustic requirements of sound sources in places of dancing and public entertainment and in public exercises
  • Acoustic characterization of sound sources
  • Assessment of the risks of workers’ exposure to noise
  • Acoustic classification plans of the territory
  • Noise restoration plans for the area
  • Assistance to designers for the realization of Urban Traffic Plans
  • Design of acoustic reclamation interventions of companies
  • Sizing of sound barriers
  • Assistance to designers for the realization of environments with suitable acoustic comfort
  • Design of sound insulation and acoustic correction of confined spaces

Our specific expertise in the vibration field is as follows:

  • Measurement campaigns: continuous accelerometric surveys with sampling technique
  • Monitoring of vibrations induced by transport infrastructure
  • Evaluation of impulsive vibrations induced by production activities
  • Assessment of the disturbance inside the living quarters
  • Evaluation of the overall level of vibration generated at the hand-arm system

Technical Due Diligence

The technical/administrative analysis of a property during a transaction is of fundamental importance, both in case of sale but especially in case of purchase, in order to have a picture of the plant, environmental and administrative status. Particularly on complex buildings it is important to carefully evaluate all the variables that could change the value of the property after the “closing”.
YOUinIT offers its technical expertise to support its clients, whether they are private individuals or large real estate funds, by advising and drawing up in-depth evaluations along with extraordinary maintenance costs to restore the best operating and management conditions of the property, assisting clients until the final agreement is signed, analysing the data room or drawing up a detailed and orderly one that will serve as a technical booklet for the property, including through ad hoc digital platforms.